The first augmented spellbook for D&D 5e

AR Grimoire shows you spell ranges and areas of effect in augmented reality.
AR Grimoire provides hints to commonly used spell attributes like cast time, range, and number of damage dice in the spell list view.

Cast spells quickly

Speed up combat with fast access to spells and helpful hints to remind you about casting details.

AR Grimoire lets you create custom spellcasters and manage spellcasting using a beautiful, intuitive interface. The example character shown is Taako, a character from the popular D&D podcast Adventure Zone.

Easy character management

Get started with simple character creation. Enjoy a beautiful interface to track your spell slots, add to your spellbook, and update your prepared spells.

AR Grimoire has special keywords that put spells into categories like: 'Nature', 'Weather', or 'Illusion'.

Powerful search capabilities

Filter spells by different attributes like damage types, saving throw types, ritual or concentration spells, and more. Use special keywords made for the app to find the perfect spell.

AR Grimoire allows you to scan your D&D miniatures and visualize the range and area of effect for spells.

See your spells on the tabletop

Use AR to scan your mini and instantly visualize the casting range and area of effect for spells. No more counting out squares on the battle map while the rest of the party impatiently waits for you.

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